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Dormer autogate singapore auto gate singapore

Backed by 15 years of solid marketing experience to meet today's demanding needs. Dormer Automatic Gate Systems set new standards in quality and reliability. Blending quality materials with modern technology. Dormer Automatic Gates Systems incorporate international standards to meet the harsh weather conditions they are exposed to so that they can be relied upon for their efficiency and superior durability. From the actuators which are engineered to provide many years of smooth operation to the high speed adjustable motor, or the ultra sensitive transmitter through to the receiver, Dormer Automatic Gate Systems are made from the best materials to protect your investments.

We provide Installation, troubleshoot, replacement of control panel, remote control and other spare parts, drop us an email for more information,


Auto Gate System ahead of the Rest (autogate)


TYPE: A torque limiting drive unit with D.C. motor, speed reducer and Nylon Bush, which grips between an output shaft and arm connected to a gate. The pressure exerted by the bush and shaft is adjustable by radically tightening the bush with screw systems.

Power 12 -24 Volts D.C.

Power consumption 25 Watts per actuator

Motor Rated Load Speed 4,600rpm

Insulation Resistance 1.5 mega ohm

Max Speed 12 - 15 Sec (Depends on site and installer)

                  6 - 8 Secs (for 90 Degree opening)

Max Opening Angle 180

Max Leaf Weight 200Kg

Casing Waterproof and Rust Resistance Cast Allow

Thrust Force 50kg

External Dimension (LxWxH)  240m x 240 x 140mm

Troubleshoot: Use Key to change to Manual Mode

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