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Why spend unnecessary money? Gone are the days whereby we need an extra pair of hands/paws, eyes, human being/animal, to aid us in keeping our property secure

Technology has advanced to the stage whereby almost everything is automated and offer a sense of security, privacy, and convenience. Nonetheless, Automatic gate system or ‘auto gate’ was created to serve that purpose. Imagine returning to an empty house or facing unsolicited guest after a weekend getaway because you have forgotten to lock the main gate. Besides, having a button for opening the auto gate would probably be much more convenient and less time-consuming than getting out of the car, slotting that key into the keyhole, opening the gate and driving in. Here are reasons why you should install an auto gate system.


1. Security Reasons


First of all, having a secure auto gate will be your home’s first line of defense against burglars, bad neighbor or that crazy ex-lover that has stalked ever since you broke up. Place yourself in their shoes, would you prefer to target someone who uses a padlock to lock the door (if you think using a padlock is secure please watch the video in the link Credit: Mr. Gear) or an auto gate system? We believe you would probably choose the latter as it would take a much more effort and time to get into your property. How do we know? We have personal recounts from owners breaking into their own home when they forgot their remote control.


Moreover, it would prevent children or pets from being kidnapped (Low crime does not mean there isn't any crime) or the risk of getting into an accident in order to pick up the runaway ball. Having said the above, you might need to consider the design of the gate and the type of automated. For example, a certain design may seem to be aesthetically appealing but is non-functional in a sense whereby, the gap between the bars may be too wide or the type of motorized unit is unable to fit within the compound and would have to be installed outside. As illogical as it may sound, we have seen cases whereby the motorized unit is installed out of the compound. This defeats the purpose of installing an automated system and having it as your first line of defense hence please consult a professional. 

2. Convenience, Comfort and Pocket Savior


3 Minutes ago, you probably could have avoided the S$6.00 ERP. To make matters worse, it is a rainy day, you have to attend the important meeting that your boss told you 3 months ago but you do not have the time to change out of the wet suit you are in. The reason behind all the hassle? It was that pesky and time-consuming chore of opening, closing and locking the gate manually and the daily heavy traffic condition.


Installing an auto gate system would be the pocket savior and the silver lining amidst the gloomy clouds (Literally) by being remotely controlled. This allows you to lock your gate within the warmth and comfort of your vehicles and save precious time by closing within 1 minute* (selected models only).


In the event that you forgot to lock that gate, your sleeping family members could press that button on the remote control without lifting their head off that wonderful pillow or you could press it even though you are 15 meters away*. (subjected to site condition)

3. Increased Privacy and decrease in disturbance



Ever wondered how that unsolicited salesman or wild boar magically appeared in your yard? (No, they are not disciples of Houdini.) Most of the time they are able to pass the manual gate as it may have been left unlocked or are using low-security lock such as ‘latch and lock’ system. With the auto gate system installed, they would not be able to unlock the gate as is it electronically lock and would not have access to the manual overwrite as it would be placed beyond their reach. In addition, the combination of good design would keep peering eyes out of your compound.


At an instance, installing an auto gate system may hurt the pocket a little, however, it will provide you with a sense of security, convenience, and privacy. Without the auto gate system, you are exposing your property and loved ones to the dangers of the magical unsolicited salesman, crazy ex-lover and more. Besides, it may be monetarily worthwhile as compared to salary and ERP deduction on days you were late for work.

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