Audio/ Audiovisual Intercom System

Convenience at your fingertip.

Kocom / Intercom/ Audio/ Video / autogate /auto gate

Implementing future into reality beyond your imagination, creating a futuristic intelligent digital home.


Manufactured and developed in Korea, Kocom systems are well known to be sleek and robust. Qualities such as being higly reliable, extremely stable and easy installation has made it the top selling brand used by both industrial and residential areas in world wide.

Realising the future intelligent digital home that it is possible to communicate easily and interactively inside and outside of a house by connecting all home digital appliances.

Commonly used for offices, industrial plants and condominium, the audio intercom system bring convenience to all users and fulfil all needs of the client.

Available in Handheld & Handfree system

Specs: Intercommunication between sub unit & Guard House

           (except KDP 601A/D e.g KDP601 to KDP601)

           Door unlocking function (except KDP ) 

           Communication between visitor & Resident

High quality and stylish design has offered various products groups in accordance with each use for apartment complex, a multiplex house, villa or etc, the user will be able to operate with ease and convenience.

Commonly used in residential and industrial areas, the audio & video intercom system resolves the safety problem of not knowing who is at the door/gate and hassle of  rushing to open the door/ automatic gate system. 

Often installed in kitchens, living rooms, office reception areas to allow the multiple user to unlock their door/gate without having leaving the area or seat as well as having a conversation with other users and the visitor.

Available in Handheld & Handfree system

Specs: Intercommunication between sub unit (except KCV372A/D)

          Connect to CCTV and/or  Alarm System and/or Home Automation)

         (KCV 374SD, KCV 376, KVR-A/D510*[all in one] only)

         Door unlocking function

         Communication between visitor & resident