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The Schonell Interphone is our luxury wireless telephony intercom system, which is a telephony entry solution,
installed in condominiums, residential apartments, offices, and commercial buildings with many people.
​Interphone grants you full duplex communication and access control of your door or gate with the touch of your mobile,
giving you a peace of mind even when you are away from home.

Interphone Classic -V1100

The smart intercom system for any mobile or landline phone

Our elegant intepretation of the traditional wireless audio intercom system
(building telephone entry systems).
Receive phone calls from your visitors, even while you are away from home.
Easy replacement for any wired intercom system- connects to multiple entrances, gates, door, and elevators
Incredibly convenient feature- Dial in to open gate- tenants may call in to the intercom to grant wireless access to the door or gate.
The most capable audio intercom in every way.
Crafted from 316L industrial grade Stainless Steel.
​A proven solution in countless luxury residential and office buildings worldwide.
​Designed and Developed in Europe.



  • Visitors simply needs press 4 digits to dial and speak to users.

  • Supports 2000 phone users per panel.

  • 4 numbers automatic call forwarding per user / unit.

  • Vandal resistant brushed 316L stainless steel chassis. (Industrial grade)

  • Vandal Proof high profile stainless steel keypad (IP65)

  • Ingress Protection : IP Weather proof, vandal resistant, with support for extra back reinforcing metal plate.

  • Outdoor protection: Dual lightning surge protectors

  • ​Wireless programming Compatibility:  wirelessly send user data to multiple Interphones from the convenience of any PC computer- no cabling required.

  • Designed and Developed in Europe.



  • Audio Backup System Processor: Super reliable 8 bitCPU

  • Microphone: Omnidirectional electret microphone for maximum speaking distance

  • Loudspeaker: Special membrane type for optimal sound quality,

  • Sound pressure: 85 dB/1 W/1 m (3,28 ft), 2 x 8Ω

  • Flexible 4 digit resident unit codes HD

  • Audio Quality with open duplex function

  • Capacity: 2,000-10,000 residents

  • Door Control: 2 doors Electrical Supply: DC12V 2A with EMI filter

  • Power Consumption: 12W Interphone Lightning Surge Protection (Dual)

  • Full 314L Stainless Steel Chassis (Surface Mount)

  • 4 -6 digit password access code

  • Manual programming via guard interphone keypad

  • Designed and Developed in Europe

We provide Installation, troubleshoot and replacement drop us an email for more information, 
For Other models of product please kindly drop us an email.

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