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Ranger autogate singapore auto gate singapore

Versatile and built to Last 

Fast and Silent

Safety with Anti Crush 

Automatic gate system specially designed to last, provide comfort and convenience


Engineered to be relied upon and built to withstand heavy usage. This versatile system can be installed to new and/or existing gates and even pedestrian gates. To preserve the aesthetic idealogy of the gate and property, the rotary drives are mounted on the ground. After more than two decades of field testing in Singapore and Malaysia, the testimony of its reliability and robustness enables the brand to continuously dominate the industry. Field testing is far better than any claims of reliability with reports of 100,000 test cycles within the confines of a laboratory environment. 

autogate singapore auto gate singapore

We provide Installation, troubleshoot, replacement of control panel, remote control and other spare parts, drop us an email for more information,

autogate singapore auto gate singapore


Type: A rotary Drive D.C Unit. Complete with Motor, Speed Reducer and electro mechanical clutch ststem housed in a 

waterproof alloy casting.


Oil Bath Gears, High Security, Weather Proof


Power 12 -24 Volts D.C.

Power consumption 25 Watts per actuator

Motor Rated Load Speed 4,700rpm

Insulation Resistance 1 mega ohm

Actuator Output Speed 2.2rpm

Max Speed 12 - 15 Sec (Depends on site and installer)

                  8 - 10 Secs (for 90 Degree opening)

Max Opening Angle 360

Max Leaf Weight 200Kg

Casing Waterproof and Rust Resistance Cast Allow

Thrust Force 1 to 60kg

External Dimension (LxWxH)  240mm x 240mm x 140mm

Troubleshoot: For Manual Mode, slot the given key into the lock
                    (rectangular box)located at the bottom left/right corner
                    of the gate. 


*Due to security reasons, each system only come with 1 master key, in the event that the master key is lost, the security mechanism of the system would have to be replaced.


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